The Backbone Fabric Controller (BFC) should be accessible to all users who will be creating grids or maintaining the BFC. You should allocate one RFC1918 range to use for backbone addresses.
Which range is valid for this purpose?


Answer: D

Which guidelines will help you to maximize security for the CA AppLogic platform? (Choose three)

A.    Secure private keys with a passphrase.
B.    Ensure that only CA AppLogic users have direct access to commodity enterprise servers.
C.    When using a global directory service, do not provide access to the implicit local group `all’.
D.    When using a global directory service, check the strength of the passwords used in the service.
E.    Use password authentication only for Secure Shell (SSH) access to the Backbone Fabric Controller (BFC) server.

Answer: ACD

In CA AppLogic, which component is used to implement a distributed storage subsystem that combines the advantages of a global file system with an object store?

A.    Global Disk Array (GDA)
B.    Global Storage Pool (GSP)
C.    Global Access Cache (GAC)
D.    Global Volume Store (GVS)

Answer: AD

Once your grid is up and running, you want to run some commands to check the grid’s status.
Which commands can you use? (Choose five)

A.    srv list
B.    app list
C.    msg list
D.    grid info
E.    vol check
F.    aldo check
G.    grid inspect

Answer: ABCDE

You need to develop and test several versions of your application in CA AppLogic. To maintain a version history of your application, which strategies are recommended? (Choose three)

A.    Configure versioning on the grid controller.
B.    Integrate CA AppLogic with CA Cloud Orchestrate.
C.    Export the copy to a named archive that can incorporate a version.
D.    Migrate the application to another grid and incorporate the version in its name.
E.    Copy your application, making a snapshot of its current state, and incorporate the version in the named copy.

Answer: CDE

Because your grid has network high availability (HA), before going live with the grid, you want to perform a number of switch failover tests. Which test should you perform to simulate switch

power failure?

A.    Disconnect all cables from one switch for one minute.
B.    Pull all the network cables from one bank of interfaces on the switch.
C.    Pull the power on one switch and leave it offline for at least five minutes.
D.    Access the switch administrative interface and administratively shut the port to disable it.

Answer: C

When the CA AppLogic grid controller becomes non-responsive, which step do you perform?

A.    Reboot the server.
B.    Restart the grid controller.
C.    Re-install the grid controller.
D.    Remove and remount the server.

Answer: B

In your cloud solution, you need to use bandwidth metering to enable usage-based billing. Which CA AppLogic feature helps you to implement this functionality?

A.    Bit flagging
B.    VLAN tagging
C.    Agentless monitoring
D.    Heuristic programming

Answer: B

You want to grant a user direct access to a grid controller without having to use the grid shell. To do this, you will need to create the user and modify the access control list (ACL) to access the grid object. During this procedure, which action do you need to perform for the sshkey= ” ” attribute?

A.    Populate the attribute with the user’s public key when you run the user create command.
B.    Populate the attribute with the user’s private key when you run the user create command and do no more.
C.    Populate the attribute with the user’s private key and set a root password on the grid controller to allow remote access.
D.    Populate the attribute on the Active Directory/Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server with the user’s public key.

Answer: A

In CA AppLogic, a virtual appliance is:

A.    A logical representation of a commodity server.
B.    A non-instantiable object that represents your application.
C.    A virtual business service that includes everything required to run an end-to-end service.
D.    A purpose built highly optimized VM to be used for assembling complete business services.

Answer: D

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