You want to integrate your grid application with a legacy system. To do this, the legacy system must share network access with your grid’s:

A.    Controller
B.    Public switch
C.    Private switch
D.    Power management network switch

Answer: B

After you implement CA AppLogic, you want to further increase automation in your data center. One way to do this is through self-service portals. Using these, instead of waiting on someone with more expertise or access to perform a task on their behalf, customers can quickly and easily perform tasks for themselves. Which additional functionality does a self-service portal such as CA Service Catalog provide for CA AppLogic customers?

A.    Directly provision, start, stop, destroy, and migrate applications.
B.    Remove failed servers from grids and quarantine them until they are diagnosed and repaired.
C.    Federate Web applications to more quickly leverage partner-dependent business opportunities.
D.    Add a new server to the Backbone Fabric Controller (BFC) by merely configuring its basic input/output system (BIOS) and powering it on.

Answer: A

You are creating a power network to enable the Backbone Fabric Controller (BFC) to power control grid servers. You specify the addresses for the power controllers for all the grid servers you will discover. If these servers must always retain the same address for their power controllers, which action do you need to take?

A.    Select Allow Redirect.
B.    Set IP Authority to User.
C.    Set IP Authority to System.
D.    Select Allow Outgoing Source Quench.

Answer: B

In CA AppLogic, a class definition consists of a class descriptor and one or more class volumes.
What does a class volume contain?

A.    A reference to a storage Logical Unit Number (LUN)
B.    All the software required to boot and operate an instance of this class
C.    A reference to the IP address or host name of the commodity server on which the object is stored
D.    The characteristics of the appliance as a component, including its inputs, outputs, configuration properties, and their default values and hardware resources

Answer: B

The WS_API enables you to perform useful functions, such as:

A.    Migrating users from CA AppLogic versions before r3.0.
B.    Implementing a WebX4 Linux cluster as an assembly of appliances.
C.    Integrating CA AppLogic with CA Access Control to protect your web applications.
D.    Invoking commands through the RESTful application programming interface (API).

Answer: D

Which step should you perform when you provision the WS_API?

A.    Edit the input_template.cfg file.
B.    To configure the application, start it immediately after you provision it.
C.    Run the vol manage ws_api_instance:data command and edit the vdcs.conf file.
D.    When prompted for a password for Secure Shell (SSH) access, enter ws_api_usr.

Answer: C

Before removing a server from the grid or replacing a hard disk, to retrieve any virtual volume streams off the server, which command should you run?

A.    vol clean
B.    vol scoop
C.    vol migrate
D.    vol reinstate

Answer: C

When you configure authentication for the Backbone Fabric Controller (BFC):

A.    Make sure that all users access the BFC using the BFC shell only.
B.    Make sure that the bfcaadmin user has read-only access to the database replica directory.
C.    Do not change the default `root’ password, because this is required for a correct configuration.
D.    Add any necessary public SSH keys for users that will access the BFC to the `/root/.ssh /authorized_keys’ file.

Answer: D

CA AppLogic is able to:

A.    Automatically recover from VN failures with zero downtime.
B.    Manage all applications, servers, and storage with an iPad application.
C.    Handle server or network hardware failures automatically without data loss.
D.    Manage external systems, such as Storage Area Networks (SANs), networks, and grids to redirect failed applications elsewhere.

Answer: C

You need to enable your grid servers to PXE boot on the Backbone Fabric Controller (BFC) network. Which steps do you need to perform? (Choose two)

A.    In System Security, set AC power recovery to OFF.
B.    On the power controller setup screen, set IPMI over LAN to off.
C.    In the boot settings, enable the backbone NIC to boot before the disk.
D.    Enable backbone Network Interface Cards (NICs) to PXE boot in the BIOS.

Answer: CD

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