You are deploying CA IdentityMinder on a 64-bit Windows system. Before you configure Active Directory password synchronization, you want to make sure that you meet the twin goals of maximizing security and minimizing synchronization issues. Which guideline should you follow?

A.    Configure CA IdentityMinder to check the history of recent changes to passwords.
B.    Enable CA SiteMinder rules to override rules in other accounts by configuring eta_pwdsync.conf.
C.    Make sure that the CA IdentityMinder password policy is stricter than the password policy of the endpoints.
D.    Use the 32-bit Password Synchronization Agent on 64-bit systems that require Federal Information Processing Standards (FEPS).

Answer: C

Before you install the Connector Server, what should you do? (Choose two)

A.    Check that the Java Virtual Machine is already installed.
B.    Make sure that the time settings on all computers that will hold Connector Servers match.
C.    Make sure that prerequisite packages are installed inthe correct order on Red Hat 6.x systems.
D.    Check that the computer already contains either the Provisioning Server or the CA IdentityMinder Server.

Answer: BC

Which statement about installing the Report Server is TRUE?

A.    The root account mustbe used for UNIX installations.
B.    The mergeconnection_3.0.reg script must be run for 64-bit systems.
C.    If a report-installation checklist is used, the installation shouldtake no longer than 15 minutes.
D.    If JBoss is already installed on the computer on which you are installing the Report Server, port conflicts can occur.

Answer: D

Which event context information object method returns the name of the person who submitted the task that generated an event?

A.    getOrgName()
B.    getEventName()
C.    getAdminName()
D.    getPrimaryObjectName()

Answer: C

Which statement about synchronizing CA IdentityMinder and provisioned users is TRUE?

A.    User synchronization includes account synchronization by default.
B.    Inbound synchronization is configured and enabled on the CA IdentityMinder Server only.
C.    Account synchronization updates capability attributes to help ensure that the account has the capabilities specified by the account template.
D.    Strong synchronization helps ensure that global users have the minimum capability attributes that their accounts should possess and is thedefault for most endpoint types.

Answer: C

CA IdentityMinder must integrate with CA SiteMinder in order to:

A.    automatically remove white space in passwords.
B.    add multiple regular expressions to a single password policy.
C.    prevent passwords that are all numeric using a regular expression.
D.    specify the maximum number of repeated characters in a password.

Answer: B

Which statement about using Active Directory password synchronization with CA IdentityMinder is TRUE?

A.    The new password is only propagated to the user’s native Windows account.
B.    Changes to password restrictions on the endpoint are automatically propagated to the CA IdentityMinder Server.
C.    The Password Synchronization Agent must be installed on the system on which password changes areto be intercepted.
D.    The system on which you are installing the Password Synchronization Agent must be managed by a CA SiteMinder Policy Server.

Answer: C

You have deployed CA IdentityMinder with a CA SiteMinder Policy Server. During the second day of testing your installation, you receive a “Not Loaded” error message when you attempt to log in. You check that the User Store is running. Which other action should you take to investigate this issue?

A.    Check the application server log.
B.    Verify that theWeb Agent is running correctly.
C.    Verify that CA SiteMinder can connect to the User Store.
D.    Set the Internet browser option “Show friendly error message”to off to view the status page.

Answer: C

For workflow installation, many steps that were previously manual are now performed automatically by the installer. Nonetheless, you still need to use the Management Console to:

A.    create the workflow database.
B.    populate the database with sample workflows.
C.    enable workflow for your CA IdentityMinder environment.
D.    create a JDBC data source and connection file for the application server

Answer: C

Which tasks does Config Xpress enable you to perform? (Choose three)

A.    Map dynamic connectors to endpoints.
B.    Move components between environments.
C.    Publish a report of thesystem components to a PDF file.
D.    Publish the XML configuration fora particular component.
E.    Create complex business logic withoutthe need to develop custom code.

Answer: BCD

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