Which optional component of the CA IdentityMinder architecture provides advanced authentication?

A.    Connector Server
B.    Provisioning Server
C.    Resource Proxy Server
D.    SiteMinder Policy Server

Answer: D

You are using CA SiteMJnder and CA IdentityMinder in an integrated environment. To configure directory mapping in the CA SiteMinder Policy Server, which steps do you need to perform? (Choose three)

A.    Create a Table element for each attribute.
B.    Add a response attribute named sm_userdn for the SMJJSERNAME attribute.
C.    Add the authentication directory to the CA IdentityMinder environment domain.
D.    Use the Reference element for a secondary table to define its relationship to the primary table.
E.    In the CA IdentityMinder environment realm, map the authorization directory to the authentication directory.

Answer: BCE

You need to create a CA Identity Manager directory for an LDAP User Store. After you determine the directory structure that you need to use, which file do you modify to describe the objects in the User Store?

A.    users.xml
B.    config.xml
C.    import.xslt
D.    directory.xml

Answer: D

What do you need to do before you create a report for a Connector Xpress custom endpoint?

A.    Use the SDK to create a custom report.
B.    Enable reporting for the custom endpoint.
C.    Write a custom report using Crystal Reports.
D.    Write a custom report using CleverPath Reporter.

Answer: B

Forward Inc. has renamed several departments. You want to use a Bulk Task to reflect these changes. How do Bulk Tasks differ from the scheduled task functionality that CA Identity Minder provides?

A.    The initiator is JInitiator.
B.    They are never scheduled.
C.    They provide population filters.
D.    They do not permit multi-valued attributes.

Answer: C

Forward Inc. is an international logistics company with headquarters in the United Kingdom. You need to decide how best to implement CA IdentityMinder for this company. You have ascertained that the solution will need to support approximately 500,000 accounts. Which installation type should you use?

A.    Basic
B.    Intermediate
C.    Large Enterprise
D.    Demonstration/compact

Answer: B

You need to import a large number of managed users to the CA Identity Minder User Store simultaneously. Having explored the various options, the Bulk Loader method seems the best option. However, which limitation do you need to be aware of before you begin?

A.    It may use large amounts of memory.
B.    It cannotbe mapped to a workflow process.
C.    It does not support the execution of identity policies.
D.    It bypasses audit and security mechanisms provided by the Task Server.

Answer: A

You are configuring a primary approver for a task using the process template method. Which types of Participant Resolver can you assign? (Choose two)

A.    Null Resolver
B.    Default Resolver
C.    Dynamic Resolver
D.    Role Manager Resolver

Answer: AC

Which issue might be resolved by turning off Event Correlation System (ECS) logging above the INFO level?

A.    Out of Memory errors
B.    Poor Provisioning Server performance
C.    Failure of the ExportAll.xml snapshot definition
D.    Failure of the Java Connector Server (Java CS) service to start after a system restart

Answer: B

Which statement about Policy Xpress is TRUE?

A.    All Policy Xpress actions generate CA IdentityMinder events.
B.    It is a design tool only and plays no role in the operation of policies.
C.    By default, Policy Xpress tasks are associated with the Policy Xpress Manager and System Manager roles.
D.    When a policy completes, Policy Xpress saves information about the policy that ran on the user object only if the policy made changes.

Answer: C

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