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Which authentication method is supported for logging into the vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor cluster?

A. Key-based authentication
B. Workspace ONE access
C. Static username and password
D. vCenter Single Sign-On

Answer: D

How would information be found about which Kubernetes cluster and pod are using a given PersistentVolume in vSphere?

A. Through the file browser in the Datastore view within vCenter
B. By querying the CNS API using the esxcli command
C. Using the vSphere Client, go to the Cloud Native Storage view for the datastore
D. By using vmwarectrl get persistentvolumes command

Answer: C

What provides a declarative, Kubernetes-style API for cluster creation, configuration, and management?

A. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service
B. kubectl
C. vSphere REST API
D. Virtual Machine Service

Answer: A

Which description accurately characterizes virtual machine class types for Tanzu Kubernetes cluster (TKC) nodes?

A. A best-effort class does not provide high availability for TKC nodes.
B. A best-effort class reserves CPU and Memory resources for TKC nodes.
C. A guaranteed class provides high availability for TKC nodes.
D. A guaranteed class reserves CPU and Memory resources for TKC nodes.

Answer: D

How are quotas and permissions guaranteed by vSphere with Tanzu for Tanzu Kubernetes (TKG) clusters that are deployed within a namespace?

A. By routing quota and permission API calls to vCenter Server via the Supervisor Cluster
B. By ensuring each TKG cluster has a quotas and permissions system built into it natively which enforces all requests
C. By having the Supervisor Cluster poll the TKG cluster periodically to ensure adherence to quotas and permissions
D. By deploying an external authentication solution

Answer: B

Which two configurations are needed to meet the minimum vSphere with Tanzu on vSphere Distributed Switch Network Requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Network Interface Cards with Single Root IO Virtualization support (SR-IOV)
B. vCenter Server connected to the workload network
C. Non-overlapping subnets on workload networks
D. One workload network designated as the primary workload network
E. Physical Network MTU set to 1600 Bytes

Answer: CD

Which statement is true about Kubernetes Network Policies?

A. The Supervisor cluster contains a firewall to implement the network policy.
B. The policy is created by developers and applied using a YAML specification.
C. vSphere administrator adds the Kubernetes Network policy to the Development team’s Namespace to implement the rules.
D. vSphere administrator creates the network policy in NSX Manager to restrict app-to-app communication.

Answer: B

An administrator needs to configure a Supervisor Cluster with the vSphere networking stack (vSphere Distributed Switch) and HAProxy appliance using default configuration. The administrator has already connected all hosts in the cluster to a vSphere Distributed Switch and created distributed portgroups.
Which designation must be mapped to a distributed portgroup?

A. Primary Workload Network
B. Load Balancer Network
C. Frontend Network
D. Supervisor Cluster Network

Answer: A

What is the primary purpose of the Cloud Native Storage component within VMware vCenter Server?

A. Enabling the configuration of Public Cloud Storage in vCenter
B. Replacing Storage Policy Based Management for container volumes
C. Importing vSphere metadata into Kubernetes
D. Provisioning and lifecycle operations for persistent volumes

Answer: D

An Administrator is required to provide vSphere users with current and future versions of Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.
Which vendor creates and publishes the open-source virtual machine image versions used to deploy Tanzu Kubernetes clusters?

A. Google
C. Docker
D. VMware

Answer: D

A developer is trying to deploy a Kubernetes Application by using an image from the embedded Registry Service into an existing Namespace within a Supervisor Cluster.
Which three steps must be completed to ensure the deployment is successful? (Choose three.)

A. Include the image: //: in the YAML spec.
B. Run kubectl config use-context to switch to the correct namespace.
C. Run kubectl config set-context to switch to the correct namespace.
D. Pull the image into the Registry service with docker pull //:.
E. Include the image: /: in the YAML spec.
F. Push the image to the Registry service with docker push //:.

Answer: ABF

An administrator needs to get a list of all Tanzu Kubernetes clusters running in the current namespace.
Which command will provide the desired output?

A. kubectl get vmservice
B. kubectl get clusters
C. kubectl get virtualnetwork
D. kubectl get tanzukubernetescluster

Answer: D

Which Kubernetes Service Types exposes the service externally using a static port?

A. Headless
B. NodePort
C. ExternalName
D. ClusterIP

Answer: B
In a NodePort service, Kubernetes allocates a static port on each node in the cluster. This port is used to expose the service externally. Clients can reach the service using the node’s IP address and the allocated static port.

Which statement provides the most accurate description for the Sphere let?

A. The Spherelet allows the ESXi host to become part of the Kubernetes cluster.
B. The Spherelet provides high availability for the Kubernetes cluster.
C. The Spherelets exist as VMs and are load balanced, each with their own IP address.
D. The Spherelet includes a paravirtualized Linux kernel that works together with the hypervisor.

Answer: A

Which name is a valid namespace name?

A. name$pace01
B. namespace-01
C. namespace_01
D. NameSpace 01

Answer: B

What is the primary way that the Supervisor Cluster enables vSphere administrators to provide governance around DevOps on-demand workloads?

A. Namespaces act as resource envelopes with policy that limits access and resource consumption.
B. Root access to ESXi hosts is disabled.
C. Load Balancer and multiple control plane nodes provide high availability.
D. Prometheus provides observability to the cluster.

Answer: A

A HAProxy appliance has been deployed using a 3 NIC configuration.
Which network will developers and external services use to connect?

B. Frontend
C. HAProxy
D. Workload

Answer: B

Which requirement is needed to deploy Tanzu Kubernetes clusters but is unnecessary when deploying vSphere Pods?

A. Harbor Image Registry
B. vSphere Single Sign-On
C. vSphere Content Library
D. Namespaces

Answer: C

Which two distributed port groups is HAProxy connected to when using the vSphere networking stack default configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Edge
B. Backend
C. Frontend
D. Workload
E. Management

Answer: DE

Which action is required to enable workload management?

A. Assign vSphere Enterprise Plus license to the Supervisor Cluster
B. Change Kubernetes API Endpoint Certificate
C. Use NSX-T as the Networking Stack for Supervisor Cluster
D. Enable vSphere HA and vSphere DRS in Fully Automated mode

Answer: D

An administrator is planning the deployment of a vSphere with Tanzu using an NSX-T environment and must ensure that the control plane VMs and container images are placed onto different datastores. The administrator decides to create two datastores and apply differently named tags to each datastore.
Which additional action would the administrator need to perform to meet this requirement?

A. Create two storage policies with different tag criteria and apply to the Supervisor Cluster using the vSphere Client.
B. Create two storage policies with different tag criteria and apply to the Supervisor Cluster using kubectl commands.
C. Create two storage policies with all tag criteria and apply to the Supervisor Cluster using kubectl commands.
D. Create a single storage policy containing all tag criteria and apply to the Supervisor Cluster using the vSphere Client.

Answer: A

How do vSphere Namespaces allow different teams to share a Kubernetes cluster?

A. Attaches authorization and policy to a subsection of the cluster
B. Installs Calico CNI
C. Installs a network policy provider
D. Advertises extended resources for a node

Answer: A

What can be used to define whether a vSphere pod can be scaled?

A. Deployment
B. Namespaces
C. Persistent Volume
D. Network Policies

Answer: A

How can the vSphere administrator purge unused images from the image registry?

A. Enable the garbage collector service to purge all unreferenced images from the corresponding namespace.
B. From the Harbor UI, navigate to the project associated with namespace, and select the option to purge unreferenced images.
C. Download the vSphere Docker Credential Helper CLI Tool, and use it to purge all unreferenced images from the corresponding namespace.
D. From vSphere Client, navigate to the namespace, and select the option to purge unreferenced images.

Answer: D

What needs to be deployed to access applications on vSphere with Tanzu?

A. vSphere Distributed Switch
B. Virtual router
C. Internal load balancer
D. External load balancer

Answer: D

The application development team plans to test a few CPU intensive applications. The virtualization team is concerned about these applications impacting other teams.
How should the team manage this problem?

A. Set a CPU reservation on the Namespace Resource Pool in vCenter.
B. Add a CPU limit to the Namespace Resource Pool in vCenter.
C. Set a network policy to limit network bandwidth within the vSphere Namespace.
D. Add a CPU limit to the vSphere Namespace for the development team.

Answer: D

An administrator needs to limit resource consumption within a vSphere with Tanzu namespace.
Which three actions should be taken to meet this goal? (Choose three.)

A. Limit the capacity of the storage able to be consumed.
B. Change the size of the Supervisor Control Plane nodes.
C. Limit the number of load balancers able to be deployed.
D. Limit the CPU and Memory able to be consumed.
E. Limit the number of Operators able to be deployed.
F. Limit the number of vSphere Pods able to be provisioned.

Answer: ADF

Which statement describes the characteristics of vSphere with Tanzu using vSphere Distributed Switch network topology?

A. Supervisor Cluster control plane VMs are attached to the primary workload network.
B. Supervisor Cluster control plane VMs are attached to primary and non-primary workload networks.
C. vCenter Server is attached to all workload networks.
D. Load balancer appliance is attached to all workload networks.

Answer: A

Which two actions are orchestrated by the NSX Container Plugin (NCP)? (Choose two.)

A. Creation of an embedded registry
B. Creation of an NSX Edge
C. Creation of a portgroup
D. Creation of a service
E. Creation of a network policy

Answer: DE

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