Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. is planning to implement Provisioning Services for deployment of images to their XenApp servers and XenDesktop workstations. The architect has created the design for the Provisioning Services environment, making the following design decisions for the Provisioning Services environment:
One Provisioning Services farm will be created: PVSFARM.
Two Provisioning Services servers will be installed and configured for High Availability: PVS01 and PVS02.
One site will be created: Nether Tech Inc.
Two Device Collections will be configured:
XenApp and XenDesktop. A central store will be defined and located on the SAN; all vDisks will be added to this store.
The local hard drive of the XenApp servers will be used to store the write cache. TCP Large Send Offload will be enabled on the NICs. A specified user account will be used as Provisioning Services service account.
Each Provisioning Services server will have four NICs; two teamed and connected with the “General use subnet” (per the design document) and the other two NICs, disabled. An Active Directory group policy object (GPO) will be configured and linked to the XenApp and XenDesktop organizational units to disable Active Directory Machine Account Password Management. Online and offline applications will be used to minimize changes to the vDisk. Offline applications will be pre-deployed to desktops and XenApp servers for faster access to the applications by users. According to the design decisions from the architect, which decision does NOT follow best practices?

A.    One site will be created.
B.    TCP Large Send Offload will be enabled on the NICs.
C.    The local hard drive of theXenApp servers is used to store the write cache.
D.    Online and offline applications will be used to minimize changes to thevDisk.
E.    Offline applications will be pre-deployed to desktops andXenApp servers for faster access to the
application by users.

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Enterprise engineer is tasked with deploying XenDesktop pooled desktops for an insurance company with 10 remote users using Provisioning Services. The design document requires write cache to use RAM for better performance. The engineer determines that the target device does NOT have enough memory to support the write cache, but there is NO option to add more RAM. The engineer’s recommendation should be to change Provisioning Services vDisk . (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)

A.    access mode to Private Image
B.    access mode to Difference Disk Image
C.    cache type to Cache on device HD in Private Image Access Mode
D.    cache type to Cache on device HD in Standard Image Access Mode

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer implementing the new virtualization design for Nether Tech Inc. must configure XenApp for dynamic delivery by using Provisioning Services. Provisioning Services already exists in the environment; however, due to company policies, neither using DHCP nor modifying the DHCP scope options to include options 66 and 67 or using PXE are possible. Which configuration method should the engineer recommend in order for the virtual XenApp servers to boot from their assigned vDisk?

A.    TFTP Service
B.    Boot from SAN
C.    Boot Device Manager (BDM)
D.    Static IP Address Assignment

Answer: C

Scenario: Several IT administrators, engineers, and managers are participating in the first round of testing based on a segregated environment. The IT department hopes this testing will give them early insight into these users’ experiences, as well as resource requirements.
Which two types of testing fit this description? (Choose two.)

A.    User Acceptance
B.    System Acceptance
C.    Operational Acceptance
D.    Implementation andBackout

Answer: AB

Scenario: During the initial assessment of Nether Tech Inc.’s environment, the Citrix Engineer assisting the Citrix Architect was denied access to the storage environment due to contract issues under review. However, the resident storage engineer provided the Citrix Engineer with information on the features that the existing remote storage system supports. The existing remote storage supports: Storing virtual machines Automating virtual machine placement Resizing disks Thin provisioning Which type of remote storage possesses these types of capabilities?

A.    NFS
B.    NetApp
C.    Fibre Channel
D.    iSCSI Hardware

Answer: B

Scenario: According to the design document, Nether Tech Inc. has requested that the new XenDesktop implementation provide virtual desktops to approximately 2000 concurrent users. At the moment, there is only one Desktop Delivery Controller in the environment, which is a virtual machine, and it is serving 100 pilot users.
The single Desktop Delivery Controller is also hosting the Web Interface. With the increase in the number of desktops that Nether Tech Inc. intends to deliver, logon loads, Controller services and Pool management service are expected to increase. All the connection requests from end-users will still go through the single farm master. As the Citrix Engineer in charge of the XenDesktop implementation in this environment, which two changes would you make in order to fine tune the environment to ensure optimal performance? (Choose two.)

A.    Add additional farm masters to the environment to load balance the load.
B.    Add additional zone masters to the environment to load balance the load.
C.    Remove Web Interface and the IIS roles from the Desktop Delivery Controller farm master.
D.    Dynamically provision Desktop Delivery Controllers during peak hours to handle the extra load.
E.    Add additional Desktop Delivery Controllers to the environment to take over the Data Collector and
Controller roles.

Answer: CE

Which three things should a Citrix Engineer consider in the Nether Tech Inc. environment when assessing preparedness for an application virtualization implementation? (Choose three.)

A.    Memory utilization
B.    Number of servers
C.    Citrix Profiler Version 1.3.1
D.    Network and disk resources
E.    Average and peak utilization of CPU

Answer: ADE

Scenario: The new design document for Nether Tech Inc. requires the migration of Secure Gateway to Access Gateway. The design document also recommends the placement of both Web Interface servers in the internal network with the Access Gateway in the DMZ. The engineer leading the project wants to take a look at the various options available for the placement of the Web Interface servers before completing the implementation. Which two additional recommendations could the engineer make for the placement of the Web Interface servers in the Nether Tech Inc. environment according to best practices? (Choose two.)

A.    Place both Web Interface servers behind the Access Gateway in the DMZ.
B.    Place both Web Interface servers parallel to the Access Gateway in the DMZ.
C.    Place one Web Interface server in front of the Access Gateway and the other behind the Access
Gateway in the DMZ.
D.    Place one Web Interface server parallel to the Access Gateway and the other in the internal network
in a double-hop DMZ deployment.

Answer: AB

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has been instructed to convert a physical Windows web server to an open virtualization format because the web server will be virtualized on XenServer and VMware ESX. Based on the performance of the server and the number of workloads the server is expected to support, a decision will be made with regards to which virtualization technology will be used. What are two options that must be configured in the attached screenshot when converting a physical machine to an open virtualization format? (Choose two.)

A.    Encrypt
B.    Sign with Certificate
C.    Create Open Virtual Appliance
D.    Compress Open Virtual Appliance
E.    Folder to store Open Virtualization Format Package

Answer: CE

Scenario: The engineer at Nether Tech Inc. is in the process of implementing a new manufacturing application called Bottled Pro. The new application has certain requirements that prevent delivery in the existing XenApp environment. XenDesktop was implemented in order to provide the application to the users of the Manufacturing department. The new application will be installed as part of the vDisk that will be provisioned to the Manufacturing department users. In addition to the new application, users from the Manufacturing department must have access to a set of applications that will be delivered as streamed applications from the existing XenApp farm. The engineer’s task is to create the Windows XP vDisk that will be provided by Provisioning Services to serve all 50 virtual desktops. The engineer needs to decide which Citrix software needs to be installed on the master target device before building the vDisk so users can access their required applications. Users will only be permitted to access XenApp environments from the Manufacturing department virtual desktops, so this should be taken into consideration. The engineer should also follow Citrix best practice for installing only the required software to satisfy the application delivery requirements.
Which four software programs are appropriate for installation? (Choose four.)

A.    Streaming Profiler 5.1
B.    DesktopReciever 11.1
C.    Virtual Desktop Agent 3.1
D.    XenAppPrep Integration Utility
E.    Provisioning Services target device
F.    XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps 11.0
G.    XenApp Plugin for Streamed Apps 5.1

Answer: ACDF
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